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This article highlights traits among MRP and ERP software solutions that are highly rated for user-friendliness. Although usability can be subjective, we have identified a few ease-of-use traits that are fairly universal among manufacturing software solutions. Let’s take a look at five of these traits and how Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software stacks up:

1. Universal Truth: What one person finds easy, another may find confusing. This is exactly why Microsoft Dynamics ERP is built after its well-known and familiar applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.

2. User Interface: The screen you and your employees use and look at every day should flow logically from step to step. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides role-based access to information, consolidating common tasks to a single screen.

3. Ease of Entry, Void, and Correction of Transactions: These actions require substantial evaluation as they make up the data in your ERP software. Microsoft Dynamics ERP simplifies entries, voids, and corrections through automated workflows and eliminating manual entries that are error prone. It also has internal controls to contain and monitor risks.

4. Search and Find Documents: Disparate systems create disparate documents, making it difficult to find what you need, when you need it. In addition to having trouble searching, you really can’t be sure if the information is accurate. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can have one single solution that creates accurate business insight, making it easy to track down real-time and accurate information.

5. Personal Customization: Customizations in software solutions are vital to some company workflows. With Microsoft’s extensive partner channel, you can ensure your unique customizations can be met. For example, we here at Sikich specialize in multiple industries, including Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Distribution, Non-Profit and more. Check out our approach that provides integrated and specialized business solutions for our clients.

MRP Consulting is available for a 1-day onsite visit in which we will map out your current processes and measure them again your current systems. Sometimes a “tune-up” is all that is needed to keep your business running as it should. We can all agree that having the right software will not only improve internal processes and productivity, but will also improve customer relationships.

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