Two Manufacturing Companies Replaced Peachtree with Microsoft Dynamics GP

We’ve had two manufacturing companies recently replace their Peachtree software with Microsoft Dynamics GP in order to facilitate growth of their companies. Both companies had requirements easily met by
Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing modules.

The discrete manufacturer outsourced manufacturing to two subcontractors—one that supplied some of the components and added assembly services; the other that added only assembly services. The GP Manufacturing module flexed the Bill of Materials to meet both needs. The subcontractors shipped and stored finished goods to a variety of locations including consignment locations and an off shore international subsidiary. Multi-site and bin capability within GP met the warehousing and shipping needs.

The mixed-mode manufacturer started batch processing with a unit of measure conversion of liquid material poured into molds to form discrete sub-assemblies. Then they routed sub-assemblies for outsourced services by a specialized subcontractor, added final discrete processing and utilized quality control at each step. GP stepped up to the challenge of tracking shrinkage—functionality completely absent in Peachtree.

With outsourcing utilized at both companies, GP setup options allowed the specification of the cost bucket to track outsourcing costs.  When manufacturing orders included outsourcing routing sequences, purchase orders and shipments to outsourcing vendors were suggested by the system.

We imported financial history for both companies using the GP Integration Manager, translating the Peachtree charts of accounts into more functional segmented charts of accounts. Using Integration Manager, we also successfully imported customers and vendors.  We were able to import Bills of Material directly into SQL for one company.

These companies moved on to use multiple currencies in sales, payable, and financial transactions, with GP providing the requisite foreign currency translations and reports.

Users repeatedly and easily used SmartList Builder and out-of-the box management reports for enhanced inventory, vendor performance, and departmentalized reporting—simple to use but far beyond the capabilities of Peachtree.  Advanced modules for Material Requirements Planning and Sales Forecasting are in use or in planning stages for these two rapidly growing manufacturers.

MRP Consulting has become the largest Dynamics GP Manufacturing partner in North America, specializing in manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce. We have worked with over 600 companies Worldwide and are available to map out your current processes and measure them again your current systems. Sometimes a “tune-up” is all that is needed to keep your business running as it should. We can all agree that having the right software will not only improve internal processes and productivity, but will also improve customer relationships.

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