Slow, Frustrating, and Inaccurate: What your ERP Software Shouldn’t Be

ERP software should make your life easier, not harder. There are three main characteristics that your ERP Software should NOT encompass. If you find the next three paragraphs all too familiar, well it may be time to give your current ERP solution the boot!

Slow: If you have to wait minutes to enter transactions into your ERP system, then you’re wasting valuable time out of your day. There is nothing more frustrating than your mind going a million miles an hour, but your computer system can’t transition to the next screen. This alone brings down productivity immensely and lowers user adoption as well. If you can’t get the job done with your current ERP software, well then you’re probably using something else that will.

Frustrating: This goes hand in hand with slow, because as I said above, a slow ERP system is a frustrating one. If you find yourself frustrated on a daily basis with your current system, then it’s definitely not making your life easier as it should be. ERP software should be intuitive, scalable, and easy-to-use. If your system doesn’t meet these descriptions, then it’s a hassle to use and ultimately frustrating to everyone in your company.

Inaccurate: This may be quite obvious that you want your ERP software to be accurate, but you’d be amazed at how many companies don’t realize the inaccuracy of their data. Most ERP systems are not integrated with other areas of business, meaning lag-time of financial information. If your data isn’t real-time, then it’s inaccurate and creating a skewed snapshot of your business.

MRP Consulting has become the largest Dynamics GP Manufacturing partner in North America. We have worked with over 600 companies Worldwide and are available, at ZERO cost to you, for a 1-day onsite visit in which we will map out your current processes and measure them again your current systems. Sometimes a “tune-up” is all that is needed to keep your business running as it should. We can all agree that having the right software will not only improve internal processes and productivity, but will also improve customer relationships.

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