Microsoft Dynamics Customer Support Changes

Starting on October 3rd, 2011, there will be changes to the existing Customer Support Plans for all Microsoft Dynamics products. This by no means changes how Manufacturing Resource Partners will support you locally. That will remain the same. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Microsoft is focused on continually improving how they deliver and address our customer’s support needs. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority within Microsoft, so the purpose of this document is to clearly address the questions and concerns Microsoft Dynamics partners and customers may have regarding these changes that may affect your support strategy.

Become familiar with 5 changes affecting Microsoft Dynamics Support:

1. Severity Based Response Time for the Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan:
In the future, the support response times for new and renewing Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan customers, will vary based on severity. Microsoft’s response time will depend on the severity of the Service Request, as outlined in the benefits summary of the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Plans. Customers will receive a 2, 4, or 8 hour response based on the severity of the issue. If you are an existing customer on a support plan, all existing terms and benefits of the support plan will continue until the existing contracts end. Additionally, as of October 3rd, Microsoft will no longer provide training vouchers. For further information on the severity level definitions and corresponding response times along with customer service plan entitlement, view our support plan Datasheets (here).

Why is Microsoft changing to a Severity Based model?

  • It prioritizes case handling according to partner and customer needs.
  • It allows Microsoft to address the most critical cases more quickly, and ensure a more prioritized and qualified initial response.

How does this change improve our current response model?

  • This change will provide Microsoft engineers additional time to handle each case resulting in an improved support experience.
  • It will also allow engineers additional time to scope cases and deliver more value in their first interactions with customers.

2. Microsoft Technet Plus benefit:
In an effort to add new value to our support plans, we evaluate benefit usage as well as customer survey results. As of October 3rd, the Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan will no longer include the TechNet Plus benefit. This change will impact customers only when they renew their existing contract. Based on research from surveys and focus groups and customer usage, customers currently enrolled in the TechNet
Plus Benefit plan perceived this benefit to have low value. As a result, Microsoft is focusing on developing a new benefit which customers and partners have been requesting over the years.

3. Addition of 24x7 Problem Resolution Support:
Microsoft is pleased to announce a new benefit we will be including in the Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan in the future – 24 x 7 Support. This addition has been received very positively by customers and partners from various focus groups, surveys and presentations. Once customers renew their agreements after October 3rd 2011, they will receive 24x7 support on their severity A cases. Upon renewal, customers will receive a confirmation email which will include a Microsoft phone number they can leverage for severity A issues after business hours. It is important for customers to retain this phone number for their records.

4. Flex Incident Price increase:
Microsoft is also in the process of aligning the Flex (Pay per incident) pricing to Microsoft Pro (Pay per incident) support for other Microsoft products. Effective October 3rd, 2011, the Flex incident pricing is increasing to $259 per incident. (Applicable only in US, Canada and English speaking LATAM regions)

5. Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit Alignment - Microsoft Dynamics CRM (On Premise) and Microsoft Dynamics GP Volume Licensing Customers
In an effort to drive consistency throughout the customer experience, Microsoft is aligning the Software Assurance benefit entitlement process for customers who purchase Microsoft Dynamics through Volume Licensing. Going forward, a customer’s benefits will align to the overall customer experience related Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements. Beginning October 3rd, 2011, customers with the on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics GP who purchase Software Assurance through Volume Licensing, will access their support benefits through their Software Assurance Agreement. To create a
support case, customers will go to, instead of going to CustomerSource. To learn more about the Microsoft Software Assurance benefits, visit To see the detailed announcement for this alignment, visit here.

If you have any further questions about these changes, please contact mbsservo@microsoft.


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