3 Ways to Improve Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution (CPG)- Customers’ Satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics GP

You face short product life cycles, inventory management issues, and margin pressures – and we’re talking about your CPG customers’ satisfaction? You bet. When properly deployed, Dynamics GP can help you solve these three business-breaking challenges and become your indispensible customer service ally.

  • Pain #1- Effectively Managing and Tracking Inventory: Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution: See the status of your inventory at a glance when you implement GP’s metrics and tracking for individual departments and warehouses. With Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can even create customized fields to search for specific data. Provide greater customer satisfaction with rapid, accurate answers to your customers’ inventory questions.
  • Pain #2- Short Product Lifecycles: Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution: Improve customer satisfaction when you provide the products and services that your customers want. Know when opportunities exist by leveraging GP’s in-depth reporting. Easily define key performance indicators (KPI) to track critical information: There’s a bonus here, too. You can even view your data in the most meaningful format. Choose bar graphs, pie graphs, charts, or gauges.
  • Pain #3- Margin Pressures from Retailers: Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution: With GP’s customizable dashboard, you can immediately know when your margins fluctuate and drill down into your data to analyze the root cause. Solving your internal issues can also lead to better customer service. For example, consider the effect of receiving a shipment in two stages with different costs. The auto-receive function within Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it possible to edit the amount of the inventory received and then once posted, it automatically and seamlessly updates your General Ledger accounts as well as inventory costs. When you know exactly how much you are making on each item, you can maximize your earnings, anticipate customer’s questions and be prepared to offer your clients satisfying, informed responses.

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