Five Ways Microsoft Dynamics GP Helps Simplify Manufacturing Processes

Remaining competitive in today’s global market requires U.S. manufacturers to run lean and efficient.  Focusing on business issues such as raw material costs, customer service, and plant equipment should be the primary focus for a manufacturing company, not fighting business software. Whether you’re trying to reduce the time it takes to get your product to market through streamlined purchasing processes, improve inventory management, or speed up your warehouse operations so your supply chain stays on track, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help simplify those processes in the following ways.

1. Evaluate Your Operational Needs: If you are your staff is spending hours getting data out of your current system and need a degree in reporting then it may be time to evaluate a new software solution.  Many manufacturers spend most of their capital expenditures on plant equipment.  This is understandable, however if a true evaluation is done of your business processing you might find that spending some of this capital on your internal software and network could save you money by decreasing inventory issues, saving time on reporting,  increase manufacturing and back office productivity, get products out the door faster and invoice your customers sooner! New software is very affordable and there are programs to fit just about anyone’s budget including attractive financing options.

2. Comprehensive Integration: In Manufacturing, connecting job responsibilities across your organization gives you control over the entire supply chain. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a single business solution that allows you to work with business partners and track projects from manufacturing, purchasing, sales, and right to distribution.  With one solution that does it all, you can eliminate redundant monitoring procedures and improve productivity by giving employees a tool to communicate from the factory floor to customers and vendors to the board room. By using an integrated system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can improve control over the entire supply chain, improve productivity, and make decisions with real time data that will keep business running smoothly.

3. Increased Accuracy: Microsoft Dynamics GP streamlines processes which will improve accuracy of order fulfillment, manufacturing, and delivery. Navigating between purchase orders and receiving in Microsoft Dynamics GP are complete through mere clicks of a mouse.  Product orders are instantly priced and automatically acknowledged for customers. Inventory controls are easily monitored so you can have the right stock when it is needed. Distribution and the return processes become quicker to handle and more accurate for the employees handling Return Materials Authorizations and Return to Vendor transactions. Having control and quick access to manufacturing operations allows you to more accurately forecast future sales and inventory needs.

4. Inventory Insight: Simplify warehouse operations whether you have one location or several.  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an improved pick list feature that adds visibility into inventory and flexibility when making changes to existing manufacturing orders. Delivering goods and services to customers on-time, or early, will also improve customer satisfaction.

5. Improve Compliance: Utilize the inherent tools available for serial/lot tracking and traceability and ease of reporting using SmartLists. 

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