Email Extravaganza

Did you know that right out of the box, Dynamics GP 2010 gives you the ability to email things like this week’s invoices or sales orders? These email attachments, which can be sent individually or in bulk, can be in WORD, HTML, XPS or even PDF format. Some of the documents that are supported in the email feature include:

  • Sales Quotes, Orders, Fulfillment Orders, Invoices
  • Receivables Invoices, Returns, Credit/Debit Memos, Finance Charges, Warranties, Service/Repairs
  • Standard, Blanket, Drop Ship, and Drop Ship Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Vendor Remittances

You can create personalized messages for each document and each vendor/customer combo, in addition to having direct replies send to the right people.

Think it doesn’t get any better? The latest 2010 release can automatically pull in information from the document that is being emailed based on fields that you insert into the body of the email message or the subject line. Sound complicated? It’s not. Contact us to see how it’s done! So, let’s say you just created an excellent email that you’d want to use for emailing other documents. With GP, you can cut the “rework” by easily copying the same email message to use for other documents types.

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