Are You Confident Your ERP Software is Running Correctly?

A study which was published last month, found that just seven per cent of business bosses are confident the software their company is running is deployed correctly. How can that be possible? Were they present during the planning phase and beta-test period when the software was rolled out? Did they forget to mention an important function that they wanted in their software? Maybe it’s been a few years since the software was installed and it no longer fits their business needs. Whatever the reason for the lack of confidence, ERP software is not too good to be true – it works!

Microsoft Dynamics GP is robust business intelligence software that was designed for nearly any company of any size. From small business to large corporations, non-profits, public sector, retail, more and more businesses are finding that powerful ERP software can streamline operations, improve productivity, and help them become more competitive in the marketplace. Easy to implement and use, Microsoft Dynamics GP will provide greater visibility in your financials, sales and marketing, supply chain, project management, and other important operations. All of your critical business data is stored in one software location so that you can analyze all of your business processes and make improvements where needed.

Since Microsoft Dynamics GP resembles other Microsoft software that is commonly used in the office, your employees are more likely to use it and stick with it. Software that is familiar and easy to use is more likely to be used than a legacy program that is confusing or doesn’t do what you want it to do. With all of your important business data in one location, employees can quickly download reports and communicate with other departments. No more shuffling paper or emailing reports or waiting for month-end or quarterly reports to be released. Streamlining and automating many day-to-day processes will help your people to work more efficiently and become more productive.

Some legacy software has limitations or can become stagnant after time.  If your software can’t keep up with the changes in your business, then it will quickly become obsolete. As your business grows and operations change, your software should change too. Microsoft Dynamics GP is flexible and can be used out-of-the-box or customized to meet your changing business needs.

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