Dynamics GP vs. NetSuite: A True Story of Flexibility

One of the greatest selling points of NetSuite is its packaged cloud functionality that reduces upfront IT costs and speeds up and simplifies deployment.  While this is what drives many businesses to select a NetSuite solution, it is also the reason they leave NetSuite.  NetSuite lacks the one thing that organizations need to thrive in a dynamic marketplace: flexibility. We are currently working with a company that is using NetSuite OneWorld.  They contacted us because their business has changed since they implemented the solution. However, they are locked into their current solution package with NetSuite and unable to adjust the system’s functionality to fit the needs of their organization. When they reached out to us for an alternative, they said:

“I do not need the same level of functionality, but it appears I’m ‘trapped” at the OneWorld level with NetSuite.”

This is a common problem for NetSuite users. Another problem that this organization will be faced with is probable data loss. Because NetSuite basically “owns” the data in its cloud, retrieving and migrating financial data to a new solution is very difficult. It’s no wonder this organization is looking for a new ERP solution that provides them with the agility and flexibility to meet their business needs now and in the future. The solution they are considering to fulfill this need is Microsoft Dynamics GP. Dynamics GP is a great fit for this organization because, with Socius, they can choose whether they want it deployed on-premise (on their own servers) or in the cloud.  If they choose a cloud deployment of Dynamics GP, they will have all of the industry leading ERP capabilities of the on-premise deployment but with a predictable and affordable per-user monthly subscription. If this organization chooses Dynamics GP, they will retain full control over their business data so that they can easily migrate between deployment types if they wish, integrate with other business solutions, or even move to a new solution in the future.

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