Does an ERP implementation make sense for your organization right now?

Some ERP industry analysts predict that, because of current economic conditions, many companies will avoid investments in new ERP software in 2012. However, our data tells a different story. Here at Manufacturing Resource Partners, we are seeing an increase in the number of companies wanting to use the downturn as an opportunity to use available resources to implement new enterprise software. A recent poll on our website indicates that 55% of respondents are planning either to start or continue implementing new ERP systems in 2012.

There are several reasons why many companies see 2011 as an ideal time to select and deploy new ERP enterprise software. First, a slower economy affords companies the opportunity to use their resources and employees to help implement the software correctly. Second, because many ERP software vendors are aggressively pricing their solutions in response to a slowing economy, clients are now able to procure an ERP solution at a lower cost than in years past. Finally, there are winners in every downturn, and this one is no different. Some clients are continuing to grow despite, or as a result of, the current economy, and these companies are investing in enterprise software that can help them scale for growth.

According to our findings, the main reasons companies implement ERP are: to improve business performance, to replace an old ERP or legacy system, to increase efficiency, and to standardize global business

What are your business requirements? If ERP is the route you need to take, it is important to look at your desired operational model and use that as a starting point in determining which software to implement. Executives should define and document key business requirements for any package they may select. This includes not only nice-to-haves but also requirements that are “deal-breakers” if the software is unable to accommodate them. In addition, executives should use the process of defining ERP business requirements as an opportunity to improve current operations, efficiency and effectiveness. The last thing a
company should do is implement software to automate the same flawed business processes. Instead, the focus should be on achieving measurable business value for your organization, and you should choose the software that best enables you to do this.

What a more efficient business? Let’s talk shop. And warehouse. And sales. And accounting. And CRM.  Communication among them all has never been simpler. Want to talk about true collaboration? Check out the one ERP solution that gets everyone on the same page: Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufacturing by Manufacturing Resource Partners. It works seamlessly from the top floor through the shop floor, giving all departments’ visibility to the areas critical to their success. Communication is easier and training is simplified. The data simply flows across your entire enterprise, so it’s easy for everyone to make smart, informed designs – fast. And that translates to a better bottom line.

Finally, ERP that’s perfectly suited for both the shop floor and the top floor.

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