Is Technology Powering Your Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined as a system that weaves together management information (both internal and external) across an entire organization.  This includes finances, accounting, manufacturing, sales, service, customer relationship management, distribution, and any other sectors of a company. Essentially, ERP should power, connect, and facilitate everything an organization does—simultaneously. Are all sectors of your company moving harmoniously together toward a mutual goal?  If not, then your ERP technology is not doing what is should—and your business is wasting resources, losing time, and squandering the opportunity for growth and productivity afforded by ERP fully leveraged.

A few questions that you should be able to satisfactorily answer about your current business management software include:

  • Is our ERP software transforming our business?
  • Is our business practices standardized throughout our company, and is that standardization supported by our business technology?
  • Is our data informing and empowering our staff?

If you can’t easily answer the above questions, then your ERP software simply isn’t accomplishing what it should. Technology should act as a catalyst, a unifier, a pathway toward a goal. When your business software isn’t accomplishing those ends, then your organization simply isn’t achieving what it could.

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