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Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for Distributors

Every industry has specific KPIs, or key performance indicators, that should be constantly monitored to make sure the business is tracking to plan. For distributors, and any company that operates using a distribution business model, we’ve outlined five KPIs that should be on your radar.  The most accurate way to track these KPIs is by using both an ERP and CRM solution that integrate with your systems and provide visibility into all areas of your operations.

Inventory management is always top priority for distribution companies. Keeping your inventory investment low is important, even when demand increases. The ability to accurately forecast and predict customer demand is essential to managing inventory and anticipating production needs. An ERP system that includes powerful forecasting tools will allow you to see the whole picture. An ERP solution like Microsoft
Dynamics GP with flexible forecasting that adjusts to reflect real procurement requirements can help with inventory carrying costs, demand planning and product lifecycle management.

Do you currently track how long it takes for an order to be completed? When you tell a customer that a certain item will be delivered by a certain date, are you able to keep your
promise?  Microsoft Dynamics GP can help shorten the time between order and delivery – from building quotes to entering orders, you can be sure the items are in stock and ready to ship as promised. With the real-time functions in Dynamics GP, your customer service representatives can accurately determine shipping and logistics time. By using CRM together with an ERP solution, distributors can differentiate themselves from competitors who may not have complete supply chain visibility.

It’s essential for distribution companies to accurately score and report on a vendor’s performance.  Are your vendors meeting your expectations? Do they meet the level of quality that your customers have come to expect? It’s important to evaluate and make sure vendors are meeting your needs and working efficiently.  Even for distributors who feel their vendors are producing top quality product and shipping goods on time, it’s important to track this data and provide regular feedback to vendors, both positive and negative.

After sending a potential customer a quote, do you keep track of why they decided not to purchase from you?  Several factors need to be considered, including price, availability and responsiveness. With an integrated CRM solution, distribution companies can record sales, opportunities, and quotes and see which ones converted to orders, and just as importantly, which ones did not. Having visibility into real-time data like this enables you to make course corrections as needed to prevent future problems.

Do you have metrics around items that have been returned because of shipping mistakes or defects? Even if you have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to track them, a powerful ERP or CRM solution will
provide more insight into what’s working and what isn’t.  By integrating disparate systems, these solutions can provide real-time dashboards with drill-down capabilities, allowing you to pinpoint the problem areas and fix them.

If you are a distributor or a company that operates on a distribution business model, it’s crucial to measure these KPIs to make sure you are tracking to business goals. With many businesses struggling to keep costs low and do more with less, distributors are often asked to provide customers with even more services than before. Having an ERP and CRM solution that is aligned with business goals will help you work more efficiently and ‘do more with less’ – resulting in increased business agility and greater revenues.

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Formula Manufacturers: Inventory Control Issues A Recipe For Disaster

Most formula manufacturers that I encounter are constantly looking at ways to improve their inventory costs and reliability. Nothing is worse for them than having a customer order and/or production ticket ready for staging only to find that the raw materials are not available. During my review of  business processes for prospects many times the Material Planner/Purchasing Manager...

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E-Commerce Capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics GP

There can be a lot of planning and complexity when it comes to the idea of trying to integrate an e-commerce system with an ERP system. An approach that combines e-commerce and an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP can play a huge role in facilitating the business processes as well as increasing your ability to sell online. Nowadays it is not uncommon for customers and suppliers to request the...

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How Can Customer Segmentation Help Your Wholesale Distribution Business?

We all want to be treated fairly and be sure our customers are treated fairly while maximizing every customer’s contribution to your business. Many Wholesale Distributors tend to treat all customers the same, not recognizing that some customers are looking for value added services to help them lower their cost of doing business. Some of your customers don’t appreciate, nor do they...

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Invest in More Flexibility this Year

With the multitude of options out there today, your ERP solution should fit your business processes. Instead of tailoring your work to what your solution can do, you could have freedom to create what’s best for you. Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve given in to your ERP solution. Many companies end up doing this for one reason or another. They don’t have budget for a new solution...

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Is Technology Powering Your Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined as a system that weaves together management information (both internal and external) across an entire organization.  This includes finances, accounting, manufacturing, sales, service, customer relationship management, distribution, and any other sectors of a company. Essentially, ERP should power, connect, and facilitate everything an organization...

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Beware of ERP Software Demos

If you have ever gone shopping for any business software that required more than a little spending money, you have probably met with vendors and tried out demos of their products. For the vendors, it is all about emotions. When it is time for the demo, the logical discussion is over, and the vendor is hoping to impress you and draw you in with the software’s sparkly visual appeal...

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Effective ERP Demands Updated Business Processes

Remote operations, home-based workers and accelerating customer expectations are all reasons that smart organizations are revisiting their current business processes. Many of the processes that worked when the entire team was in one warehouse or office don’t provide the best support for the extended workplace. Customers expect immediate responses with real time status.

Department managers...

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Business Needs Change Over Time

If you already have an ERP solution in place, you probably did a thorough job of listing your business needs so that your solution meets those requirements. You may be surprised at how fast your business needs change and adapt as the marketplace fluctuates. A regular business assessment can prevent disasters and streamline your business processes so that you’re not losing money. If it&rsquo...

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Simplify Common Inventory Challenges with Bar Code Data Collection

Businesses that are in the business of controlling, managing, and distributing inventory through warehouses have quite a challenge when it comes to tracking inventory.  Often, they feel there are only a couple of ways to track inventory. They can track inventory manually or they can track inventory using software. There is another alternative to track inventory. They can track inventory with...

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Microsoft Dynamics GP is TEC Certified for Discrete Manufacturing

As a Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller with a large manufacturing customer base, I was excited to see that the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) has evaluated and certified GP for discrete manufacturing for the enterprise software market.  The TEC is a leading advocate for the enterprise software purchaser. They specialize in the impartial evaluation of the software selection process. The...

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Why Manufacturing Matters

In the last decade, the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States declined by 34 percent—a loss of more than six million positions. For now America remains one of the world's greatest manufacturing powers—it makes 19.4 percent of the world's manufactured goods, a share that fell only slightly over the past 30 years and is right behind China's share of 19.8 percent. But hard...

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